Sir Galarin

Sporting a Bald Non-Head


A tall figure bearing numerous battle scars. His brown hair is well kept, as is his beard.
Normally seen wearing mail and a tabard with his coat of arms.


Sir Galarin was knight for a noble house. The Ancaild Family. After the last lord died with no heir, his house had fallen. Galarin put down his mantle of knight and refused to work for any other house.
He roamed as a mercenary, doing jobs to get by. Much scorned by those he knew. When finally one day he reclaimed a part of the lords inheritance from a friend.
A letter. The letter stated an heir was sired to a mother unwritten. The letter however helped not in the details of the boy, only that he had sired him.
So Sir Galarin picked up his coat of arms once again, on a quest to find the sole heir and restore glory to his lords name.

Sir Galarin

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